Fraternity History


         Sigma Alpha Epsilon is one of the largest North American Greek letter, values-based and social college fraternities.
Nationally founded on March 9, 1856 at the University of Alabama, it has initiated more men since its founding than
any other fraternity with more than 305,000 initiated members. At present, more than 12,300 undergraduates proudly
wear the Purple and Gold, at more than 225 universities in 47 states.

University of Dayton:

         Sigma Alpha Epsilon was approved by the University of Dayton’s Greek Community in August 2013. SAE has come
to campus with the Chi Sigma Alpha Fraternity, which dates back to the 40’s at the University of Dayton. With over 550+
living alumni of Chi Sigma Alpha, Chi Sig was the 1st social fraternity recognized by UD in the early 1960’s and was started
as the “Flyer’s Hanger Club” in the 1940’s. Chi Sigma Alpha left campus in 1995 and has returned with Sigma Alpha
Epsilon as the Ohio Chi-Sigma Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Chi Sigma Alpha has a long history at the University of
Dayton and Sigma Alpha Epsilon is looking forward to many more years of brotherhood.